It’s been almost two weeks since we said goodbye to our darling girl, Brindel. It almost seems like a dream – like it happened to someone else. Since you all showed so much love and concern for us, I thought I would give you all a little update.

As many of your read in my previous blog, My Only Regret, the days leading up to Brindel’s journey to the bridge were awful. I have never felt so torn apart, and felt so much pain as I did in those days and the hours leading up to her appointment.

Although I would like to keep those deeply personal final moments to myself, I feel it’s important to tell people how lovely a home euthanasia is. We had a wonderful vet come to our home, and I was able to feel Brindel take her last breath as she went softly surrounded by her family. Each of our dogs were encouraged to come and see her after she passed, so they could understand what had happened. I do believe this gave us all some important closure. If at all possible, I would recommend this arrangement for every family.

In the days following, looking at photos still brought about tears, but they soon turned to smiles. We found some peace in preparing a plan and a space for her ashes and ordering her paw stone from Kelegant. We have a plan to plant a tree on our acreage next spring, and bury her ashes with the tree and place her stone beneath the tree.

Pet Memorial Stone

Pet Memorial Stone

So, the most painful days are over. And we still miss Brindel like CRAZY. Not a day goes by I don’t think about her, but some days go by without tears. As a surprise I ordered this acrylic block for my husband’s desk at work. I will be ordering myself some new artwork for my office too and I can’t wait for that to arrive. Oh, and “Little Cow” is what we called Brinny when she was a baby. She looked like a baby cow. Such a cutie.

Acrylic Block

Acrylic Block

So, thanks everyone for sharing your kind words, your stories, and your experiences with me. And, remember to hug your pets every day!


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