In Memoriam to Thelma

Yesterday we had to let our gorgeous girl go.

Thelma, 15 years ago you picked me to be your person. You were a one year old shy and terrified dog without a home and I was a new volunteer walking dogs at the shelter. You didn’t want to leave your run with anyone – volunteers and staff struggled to get close to you – but you jumped all over me the first time we met so off we went for a walk, and I knew you were coming home with me.

Since then it’s been a privilege and a joy to be your person. You blossomed into a silly, sweet and gentle dog who taught me so much and made us laugh a lot. You enjoyed a long and happy life filled with adventures, many friends, loads of snuggles and kisses, and copious amounts of treats (although you’d say there were never enough of those tasty bits!). You also stared in a local TV commercial, you were a calendar cover girl, a photographer included you in his book of silly mutt photos, and you showed many foster puppies and kittens how safe and how much fun life is.

The pain and loss we feel now is excruciating, but it means you were loved so very, very much. I will keep you in my heart forever and continue to love you. There will never be another you – especially with your BIG and beautiful ears.

Thelma, thank you for the extraordinary gift that was you.

~ Written by Thelma’s mom, Nicky

The BrindleBerry Bridge

The BrindleBerry Bridge is a special place to memorialize our sweet, furry clients that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Feel free to visit our memorial pages and offer words support to grieving pet parents.


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