A few days ago I received the sad news from Khaled’s mom that Khaled had passed. It never ever gets easier to get this news. I go back to our photos, and I cry. I am crying now. It’s not fair. It sucks, and I feel just so bad for these babies’ parents because I know the pain. I know many of you do too.

When Khaled’s mom and I met this past fall for photos, we knew that he was aging and it was a good idea to have the session when we did, but neither of us knew that he would leave us quite so soon.

I wanted to honour this boy by sharing some of the images from his session with you all. And, as usual, I have to put some pressure on you to have your pets photographed NOW. While everyone is happy and healthy. Near the end Khaled had trouble with his back end, and his photos would not have turned out this adorable and amazing had we met then. And more importantly, the experience of the session would not have been nearly as pleasant for him.

Roam free you gorgeous young man! It was an honour to have met you.