Today is April Fools day! The one day that people actually DON’T believe everything they read online! So I thought I would share a “funny” story with you from my childhood…

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Growing up I was a practical joker. And being a young kid, I didn’t alway realize the severity of of my “jokes”. For instance, I remember once thinking it was funny to call my mom at work and tell her that my brother had fallen off his bike and was bleeding. Ya, not funny – right?

I don’t really remember where I got my practical joke ideas from. Maybe magazines? TV shows? I think it might have been that show, “You Can’t do that on Television”. Any other 80’s Canadian kids remember that one??

Regardless, one day I learned of the idea of balancing a container of water on the top of a partially open door. In theory, the person would open the door and be splashed with water. FUNNY!!

(throw back to my teenage years and my first dogs: Sandy and Skippy)

So I set up my “trick” on my mom’s bedroom room door and wandered off for the day. When I arrived home, my mom was crying loudly in her room. My heart sank… I ran into the bedroom to find my brother, unconscious (dead??) on the bedroom floor with the container I had placed carefully atop my mom’s door beside him!

I started screaming and crying hysterically, and frantically pacing throughout room. What had I done? The plastic container hit my brother in the head and killed him! And because of a practical joke!

When my panic diminished enough for me to actually hear it, I looked over at my mom and brother to find them both laughing uncontrollably. THOSE ASSHOLES!! I was MAD!!!

Being the poor sport and teenager I was, I stomped into my bedroom and slammed the door. HOW DARE THEY??!?! I mean, who plays mean jokes like that on their family members??

I had my answer… I promptly went back to short-sheeting and wrapping saran wrap on the toilet seat. No more personal injury jokes or pranks for me! (PS what’s with all the RED EYE in these photos??)

(my mom, brother and I at my brother’s high school graduation)

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