In Memoriam to Porsche

Porsche was a puppy that came to me a bit by accident but she changed my life forever. She wasn’t an “easy dog” as she was quite reactive as a youngster. Porsche loved her toys and discovered that it was much more fun to grab a toy then it was to start a dog fight when she was startled! ?

Porsche was a lovely show dog but she was the best mom…she gave me my greatest gift, her daughter, Jorja.

Porsche passed away on a beautiful summer’s day a few years ago. It still breaks my heart that I wasn’t there for her Travelin’ Day. She just curled up in the shade and took the next step on her journey. I miss her every day…

Some days, the Rainbow Bridge seems very far away…

~ Written by Porsche’s owner, Kirstan

Lady with Sweet Boxer

The BrindleBerry Bridge

The BrindleBerry Bridge is a special place to memorialize our sweet, furry clients that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Feel free to visit our memorial pages and offer words support to grieving pet parents.


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