You know those signs you see in hospitals and in other public places that read, “Scent-Free Zone”? Well those signs were hung for people like me! Over the past few years I have become incredibly sensitive to smells. I mean, to the point that if you walk by with perfume on, or even a scented deodorant, I get an almost immediate headache that lasts for HOURS. And that laundry isle in the grocery store – forget about it!

It’s no fun being “that girl”, and it often causes me a fair amount of anxiety when I am getting ready to take a bus or board a plane when I know I could be seated next to someone for the next few hours that is wearing something that could make me sick.

So, to make myself feel better, I decided that I was given this “gift” so that I can understand how our dogs feel. So that I could test scented products on myself, and discover which ones are likely causing our pups to suffer due to their extremely sensitive sense of smell!

Here’s what I DO know about the products that give me headaches vs the ones that don’t: The former ALWAYS contain synthetic scents. Products that are scented naturally almost never bother me which is great because hey, everyone likes things that smell nice so I get to enjoy some nice scents too!

I am happy to introduce you to the Rocky Mountain Soap Company family of products. These products are made with all-natural ingredients in Canmore, AB, Canada. They have a full body care line that includes: foaming hand wash, soap bars, lotions, lip butter, bubble bath, deodorant and more! I am currently switching over to their deodorant and I am skeptical because I have not had the best luck in the past with natural deodorants! I will let you know how it goes. (Check out their 30 Deodorant Challenge for yourself!)

There are so many amazing scents that I can truly enjoy including my favourite: Root Beer! Check out this great company and your dog (and I) will thank you for it!


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