A few weeks ago, the delightful Mojo and Oscar met with me for their very own Sundae Session! Check out how amazing they did, and be sure to read some of the Instagram Sneak Peeks embedded below!


I have a lot of thoughts in my head that I want to say about this post, but I am getting a little choked up trying to get them out. ?? . . Oscar and Mojo and I go way back. They have shopped in the store I co-own for nearly a decade. Their mom and dad are some of the most loyal, good people I have ever met. When I got news that Mojo (on the right) wasn’t doing well, it broke my heart. These two are just as much my friends as their parents are. And, I know that their parents do everything 100% the very best they can for their boys. It can be quite awful some days to have such a deep love of dogs. Because they break your heart, and they don’t even mean to. ? . . Mojo is doing well today, so his parents decided to have me come by for photos because my tagline, “how will you remember?” really resonated with them. They WANTED to remember him like this. Not sickly and not himself. But well, and full of life and a new found love of dehydrated tripe treats! . . It’s always an honour to be chosen to capture these moments… THANK YOU Tara and Wayne for giving me that honour!

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