Hey, I am Holly!

A photographer, serial petpreneur, author, blogger, introvert and animal advocate dedicated to helping pet parents and businesses enrich the lives of our canine companions.  

I have always been passionate about a plethora of things: dogs, photography, writing, canine behaviour, entrepreneurship, alternative medicine, canine nutrition, branding and marketing, just to name a few.

One of my first major achievements in my adult life was obtaining my Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. I became quickly and immensely disappointed however, when it became evident that the corporate jobs I worked did not satisfy any of my life’s passions. Not. Even. One. I discovered that for me to feel happiness in life, I needed to find fulfillment in my work.

So I gave up the security of my downtown I.T. job and began working as a pet food consultant and manager of a health food store for pets – all while slowly building one of Calgary’s first pet-exclusive photography businesses.

After applying my new found knowledge in canine nutrition to my own ailment-ridden Boxers, I witnessed first hand that nutritious, species appropriate foods, and alternative medicine made a huge difference in their health. I opted to put my photography on hold and opened my own Tail Blazers franchise in south east Calgary with my mom in 2006.

With my store thriving and helping thousands of pets and their people, I decided it was time to return to my love of photography and revitalized my photography business as BrindleBerry Dog Photography in 2011.

I believe that dogs’ lives matter, and although dogs are different than us, they are not “less” than us. 

In my over a decade of experience as a pet parent and petpreneur, I have been frustrated on more than one occasion by the way our society treats and views dogs. For example:

  • We created the pet food industry to discard and profit from the by-products of the human food industry. We’ve spent decades feeding them less than their ideal diets and as a result we’ve created rampant disease and ill health in the canine species as a result.
  • We use inhumane tools and training techniques to coerce our canine friends into doing the things we want them to do, instead of teaching them with patience and kindness.
  • We’ve subjected our dogs to day upon day of confinement, inactivity and boredom all because we don’t feel that they have any requirement to feel fulfilled or happy as they are “just dogs”.

I know you are not ok with this.  

And neither am I. I personally believe that we owe it to our dogs to be informed advocates for their health and well-being and the best way I have found to create positive change for our canine companions is by putting our money where our mouths are. When we support only the people, businesses, and brands we believe in, and enough of us believe the same things, positive change happens.

Which brings me to you. 

I have made it my life’s mission to serve the pet parents, businesses and brands that share my philosophies. Here’s how:

BrindleBerry Dog Photography

My dog photography business, BrindleBerry Dog Photography, literally focuses on the heart and soul, and unique personality of each dog that finds his way in front of my lens. I pride myself on documenting the precious relationships between pets and their people through my award winning photography.

With lots of patience, and rewards in hand, I make the photography experience for you and your dog relaxing and fun! Not only do I want to create beautiful artwork and photography for you and your home, but I want you to walk away from your session having shared a memorable experience with your furry friend that you can hold close to your heart for the rest of your life.

Tail Blazers Health Food Store for Pets

I know that you probably don’t have the time and energy to research every single treat and food that you put into your dog’s body. This is why I made the decision over a decade ago to purchase a Tail Blazers franchise in Copperfield Calgary with my mom, and do all that work for you. I am proud to say that over the years we have helped improve the lives of thousands of dogs and cats through quality, species appropriate diets and supplements.

And because I am who I am, our location has taken a special interest in stocking tools that are helpful for reward based trainers and their clients. We believe that keeping the mind of your canine kid sharp and busy is just as important as healthy food, and therefore we also stock a large selection of enrichment toys too.

REX in the City Dog Directory

REX in the City is a local, dog directory website that I created in 2013 out of a need for my positive dog trainer friends to find other like minded businesses they felt good about sending their clients to, for the products and services that they didn’t offer.

I started seeking out and adding other local businesses to the site that had the same core beliefs that I did when it came to diet and training. Together, we are known as The REX Collective.

This exclusive site is now the most active of all my websites as savvy pet parents eagerly seek dog businesses they can trust. I always recommend that you do your own research when seeking a trusted business, and REX has started that process for you. Each business listed on the site is screened by myself and by doing so, I have narrowed down the directory to only the most conscientious dog businesses that Calgary has to offer.

Watch for a brand new REX in the City website coming in November, 2017!

BrindleBerry Acres Dog Blog

My blog, BrindleBerry Acres is me in digital form. Plain and simple. I know that you want to make your dog’s life the best it can be, but it’s not always easy. There is so much to learn, and so many questions. BrindleBerry Acres is where you can find the valuable information you are seeking, presented to you in true BrindleBerry fashion: through beautiful photography and fun and engaging articles. BrindleBerry Acres is also home to The BrindleBerry Promise which is a promise built from my core beliefs, and is the backbone of all of my entrepreneurial ventures.

Visit BrindleBerry Acres and make THE PROMISE to the canines in your life today, and have your friends and family that feel the same make it too!  Once you have made The Promise, come and join me in my private Facebook group!  (It’s super-secret and exclusive and I’ll send you the link when you make The Promise!)

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this page, thank you for coming along on my journey! As you can see, photography is a big piece of who I am, and how I honour our canine friends and family members – but it is not the only piece! I am on a mission to create big changes for the better, and I hope you’ll join me!

Do you have any questions?