The first time I met Magic, I had gone to her home to drop off some donations for a silent auction. Her mom, Holly, was talking to me, but I kept getting distracted by Magic’s mannerisms. They reminded me so much of someone… it was my Pebbles! When I could no longer ignore it, I mentioned it to Holly and she explained to me that Magic and Pebbles had the same mom! How crazy is that!

Do you believe in Magic?

I have always said that dogs find us when we need them most. I don’t even really actively look anymore as I know they will appear when we most need them. Holly met Magic not too long after she lost her beautiful Boxer boy, Debit. Much in the same way I met my Pebbles actually! In fact, Holly got to see Magic when she was just a few days old!

Magic’s accomplishments and favourite things

Even though Magic is still a youngster, she’s passed her pre-agility and has impressed and surprised her mom with her intelligence. It’s amazing how much one can learn when learning is so fun!

When Magic isn’t running agility, she’s playing, walking, playing, sleeping, playing, going for car rides, playing, kissing, playing and OH did I mention Magic likes playing!!?

Magic’s DogStory Session

Now normally, my sessions include dogs from the same household only. There are a few very practical reasons for this – one of them being that it usually turns into a dog party and it’s really hard to get any portraits. However, in this case dog party photos were exactly what Holly wanted! So, Magic invited her friends, Piper and Memphis out to her session at BrindleBerry Acres and they had a dog party in the snow AND the colourful fall leaves.

Next up for Magic

Magic is looking forward to foraging ahead and finding many new and exciting adventures. The world is her’s for the taking!

If you’d like to book your very own DogStory session, give me a shout! When the snow flies, so do these sessions – until next spring!

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