• Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • We will do our best to give you your preferred time!
  • If you purchase a RaspBerry or StrawBerry Session at the time of booking, you will receive a complimentary metal photo key-chain ($49 value)! If we know in advance what you are after, we can shoot your session more suitably for your products. If you are hesitant to invest without seeing your images first, don't worry. A $129 portion of your JAM Session fee is non-refundable (The basic, BlueBerry JAM Session fee), however, if you purchase a RaspBerry or StrawBerry Session in advance the difference will be refunded should you decide to downgrade your session.
  • Each session allows for a maximum of 2 dogs. We're sorry but due to the limited time available, JAM SESSIONS are not suitable for extremely nervous cats or dogs. Please book a private session for these critters!
  • Each session allows for a maximum of 2 people.
  • Feel free to upload up to 4 images of your pet(s). Just for fun-zies. Not required!
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, heif, jpeg.
  • Feel free to ask any questions or add additional info about you or your pet here!
  • We very rarely send out emails, but when we do it's with important information on special sessions and offers. Newsletter subscribers always get first crack at the JAM Session appointments!


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