It is with a massively heavy heart that I make the following announcement about the BrindleBerry’s Best Dog Contest… 

It’s Valentine’s Day and I have a broken heart. Last year I spent A LOT of time researching software to use for the BrindleBerry’s Best Dog contest, and I thought I found the very best option! However, last month as you may know, there were issues… Issues with uploading, and issues with voting. So this month, I thought I would switch around some of the voting options to make it easier, only to find new problems arising with repeat contestants unable to participate this month. I had several contact me within hours of the entry deadline tonight unable to upload photos, which lead me to the following decision…

After all this research, work, and excitement and genuine good intentions that I put into this contest, I have made the difficult decision to cancel it. Or, perhaps simply pause it. Despite me spending hours with software support, they’ve told me that I am the only one that’s ever had issues, so now my hands are tied…

I have already reached out to this February’s contestants with the news, and will be reaching out to January’s winner to arrange an alternative prize for her for all of her efforts. If you are one of February’s contestants, and DIDN’T get my email, check your spam, but please email me and let me know if you find nothing. I’d like to talk to you!

I am going to spend the rest of the month brainstorming something else I could do to have some fun with you all. I am really, really disappointed this has turned out how it has. And really, really sorry! 

Again, I am just gutted about this and I hope you understand why I made the decision. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 

Yours regretfully,

Holly Montgomery

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