I know it’s a bit early for a holiday guide, but as I type some companies with my favourite custom gift ideas are shutting down holiday orders for the year already! ACK, so I wanted to get this out today in case you see something you love!

Disclaimer: I have to tell you; I am not a girly-girl. I spend more money on my dog’s clothing than on my own! And this guide reflects that although I do have some things listed that I would consider “girly”! I have also tried to choose companies from all over the world as my fan base is global! Consider this my wish list!

Full Disclosure: Please note there are a couple affiliate links in this post, which means if you click them and make a purchase I receive a small commission.

Image: Hygge & Hound

Hygge & Hound Subscription Box (UK)

Everyone LOVES getting surprises in the mail! It’s even better when you can share your surprise with your furry friend! Hygge & Hound has mindfully curated subscription boxes that are full of deliciousness for human AND hound!

Check out Hygge and Hound’s website and Instagram feed!

Image: BrindleBerry Dog Photography

Greyboy Pet Print’s Pet Etchings (USA)

Greyboy uses traditional techniques from the art of printmaking to honour your favourite furry friend! Handmade etchings compliment any decor, and they really have to been seen to understand just how amazing they are! I have one of Pebbles (see image above) and I LOVE it!

November 12-18th receive 20% off with code: HOLIDAY20!

Check out Greyboy Pet Print’s website and Instagram feed!

Image: BrindleBerry Dog Photography

Custom Pet Photography

I wouldn’t be a proper pet photographer if I didn’t mention photography and photo art for THE BEST EVA gift! Deadlines are getting tight for holiday photos, however most pet photographers offer gift certificates! YAY!

If you would like to find a pet photographer in your area, try searching the Joy Session network! If you are in Calgary, Canada you should check me out at BrindleBerry Dog Photography!

I will be offering an irresistible photography gift package coming up for Black Friday! While on my website, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified!

Image: Woolenclogs

WoolenClogs (Lithuania)

If your lady is like me, HER FEET ARE ALWAYS COLD! Ever since I discovered these wool “clogs” I have been drooling over them! Wool is long lasting and sturdy, and is water resistant, antimicrobial, and self-cleaning. It’s GREAT for footware!

If you want to score double brownie points, they also have pet beds! Hook a sister and her cat up for the holidays, yo!

Check out WoolenClogs’ website and Instagram feed!

Image: Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones (USA)

I have to admit… THIS is the gift I want most for Christmas! Mini versions of your pet! Unfortunately, I would need THREE! I don’t even think I have to say anything – I’ll let the photo speak for itself!

I am sad to say that November 15th was the last day to put in an order in time for Christmas – but maybe they have gift certificates? Ron, are you listening?

Check out Cuddle Clone’s website and Instagram feed!

Image: Art by Robyn Millar

Custom Pet Portraits

I would absolutely love to receive artwork of one of my crew (or ALL of them – even better!!). I follow quite a few very talented artists and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Here are a few suggestions for you!

Arica Dorff (USA)

Check out Arica Dorff’s website and Instagram feed!

Sheila Chen Art (USA)

Check out Sheila Chen Art’s website and Instagram feed!

Art by Robyn Millar (Canada)

Check out Robyn Millar’s website and Instagram feed!

Tundrada (Finland)

Check out Tundrada’s website and Instagram feed!

Image: BrindleBerry Pet Photo + Hadley Clay Studio

Hadley Clay Studio (USA)

Do you have a coffee drinker in your life that adores their pet? I bet they would love a custom mug featuring their very own pup!

I found Hadley on Instagram and I love her custom pet pottery! One of my clients has already tried them out and is very happy with her custom mug! If you are too late to grab a custom mug in time for the holidays, they offer gift certificates that make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Check out Hadley Clay Studio’s website and Instagram feed!

Image: Sash Bag

Sash Bag (USA & Canada)

I hate purses… But, I need one. So I was OVER THE MOON when I discovered Sash Bags. I am sharing with you because us dog folks we need free hands and this is a bag that stays on, and fits everything you need to take with you. I have glasses, hearing aid batteries and case, chapstick – everything in this bag. I took it on my recent trip to France and it was able to hold my passport also. I love this bag!

For the month of November, all Sash bags are BOGO Half Off – no code necessary. Keep one, gift one!

Check out Sash’s website and Instagram Feed!

Image: Simone Michel

Simone Michel Custom Pet Jewelry (Brazil)

I don’t wear jewelry, but I wish I did because I want one of these they are so beautiful! What a great way to always keep your pet close to your heart!

Check out Simone Michel’s website and Instagram feed!

Image: Pupsocks/Sydney_aussiedoodle

Pupsocks (USA)

Socks are the coolest thing right now. Well, cool socks are – and these are the kind of socks I WANT in my stocking! SOCKS WITH MY DOGGIES ON THEM! A pair of each dog in pink, purple, and blue please!

Check out Pupsocks’ website and Instagram feed!

Image: Paws N Claws

OptiPets Eyeglass Holders (USA)

Is your spouse always losing their glasses? Maybe you are farsighted so you really don’t need them in the house! Here’s an adorable way to keep your glasses clean and in sight! (see what I did there?)

Check out Paws n Claws’ website and Instagram feed!

Image: Django Brand

DJANGO’S Reversible Puffer Jacket (USA)

THIS JUST IN! When I found out that THE DJANGO of Instagram fame had his very own JACKET, I had to include it here!

Do you love adventuring with your dog during the chilly months? DJANGO’s Reversible Puffer dog coat is durable, comfortable, and designed for winter adventures. The windproof and weather-resistant outer shell provides warmth and insulation, while the soft 100% cotton lining provides additional comfort (in trendy plaid colors!). Reversible? Yup. Turn DJANGO’s Puffer inside out for an entirely new and stylish look. DJANGO dog coats are designed to withstand water, sand, mud and countless cycles in the washing machine.

Check out Django Brand Website and Instagram feed!

Anything tickle your fancy? Which item will make your wish list this year? Tell me in the comments AND tell me if I missed something cool too!




























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