There are no stupid questions! If you don’t see your’s here, be sure to give me a shout!

What if my dog can't be off leash?

Not to worry! Most of our on location sessions take place in on leash areas and we use a little Photoshop magic to edit them out when they aren’t part of the story!

My dog is shy/hyper/not obedience trained and I doubt they will cooperate.

Your dog sounds like 99% of the dogs I photograph! Honestly, the dogs I photograph are just every day companion dogs and are wiggly, hyper or shy too. Most dogs won’t do exactly what we ask them to do, and that’s ok! It’s THEIR session, and we want to capture their true personalities. And in their defence, what we are asking them to do is usually new for them so it’s to be expected. I have experience with positive reinforcement techniques and using those techniques is how we teach your dog what we’re after, all while making the session fun for them. My goal at every session is to make a new best friend, and to send your pup home tired and happy! 

My pet hates having their photo taken. Can I still have a session?

YES! We always spend time at the beginning of each session getting your pet used to my gear. Some pets come around faster than others, but we make sure they are comfortable before proceeding. Animals don’t often associate their past photography experiences with the one they have with us (different people, different camera, different location) so we don’t usually experience any issues winning them over with positive reinforcement!

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

YES! Dogs are my specialty, but I have photographed horses, cats, birds, lizards, rabbits and snakes! If you are in doubt, please ask!

I know I want artwork, but I have no idea what I am after. What are my options?

The options really are endless, but I do my best to keep things simple for you. I have curated some beautiful products for you to choose from, and we’ll work together at your Viewing and Ordering Appointment to choose the right ones for you and your home. I offer everything from gorgeous wall pieces, to my favourite, the StoryBook Album. I also offer digital files at a significant savings when purchased with my signature art pieces.  

Do you use treats during a session?

YES! I feel very strongly that offering treats during a photo session is the quickest, easiest, and most positive way for your dog to acclimatize to what we are asking of them during the short period of time we have with them. Dogs don’t typically enjoy being hugged or staying in one place, so we need a way to make all that fun for them so we can capture images of them being happy. Dogs don’t fake happy, so we need to genuinely make them feel happy! I only bring the very best hypoallergenic and easy to digest treats from Tail Blazers for our sessions. If you’d rather bring your own, that’s fine too! 

My dog doesn't like other dogs. Can I still have a session?

YES of course! They deserve a session too! I would recommend a session in your home, or a session at the BrindleBerry Studio* to avoid running into another dog and to keep the session as stress-free as possible. Even my JAM Sessions are private so your chances of running into another dog during your session are very unlikely. *Studio coming summer 2019!

My dog isn't doing so well. Can I get in right away?

This is the absolute hardest part of having a pet – they are never with us long enough. I offer Twilight Sessions for pets nearing the end of their lives. Twilight sessions are the same as my Signature Sessions, but I make every effort to adjust my schedule and to get you and your pet in on short notice.