Your Dog’s Story Deserves to be Told

Every dog has a story to tell.

Whether it’s how much fun they have with you on your adventure hikes together in the Rocky Mountains, or how much they love snuggling with you on the couch while you binge watch Netflix; these are the moments that make up your DogStory.

You are a dog mom or dad, so you understand that your dog is part of your family. You feel love, pride, and devotion to them, and you’ll do anything in your power to make their lives better. You share your home, your time, and sometimes your food with them (admit it, sometimes you let them lick your spoon and you totally put it back in your mouth!). They’re your constant companion in life no matter how long it’s been since you washed your hair, and even if they lived 50 years or more, it would still not be enough time spent with them.

So, with a friendship as dear and as precious as yours is, let me ask you this:

Do you have any photos of you and your dog together?

I am not talking about all those quick, cellphone selfies. I am talking about beautiful photos that capture the heart and soul of the relationship you share. Let’s document your time together! Let me help put your mind at ease by capturing your dog’s story for you so you can get back to creating NEW memories together! You can do this with the peace of mind that you’ve honoured your pet’s life and history with you through professional photography.

View an entire DogStory session here!

Get Those Precious Puppy Photos!

I am so happy with the photos of Enzo. The first time I booked with BrindleBerry, Enzo was a small puppy and I wanted to capture his puppy stage. The booking was easy and super prompt and we were able to get a time to get those precious puppy photos. There were so many good shots I couldn’t decide and had to purchase additional photos. [Since then] I’ve booked 3 additional sessions with BrindleBerry. The photos capture Enzo’s goofy, playful, unique personality perfectly!

– Jackie & Enzo


DogStory Photo Sessions are sessions that have a more candid, storytelling feel, and capture your lives in real time as you share “stories” or experiences with your pet. I capture lots of delicious little details (I know, like your dog has the cutest spots on his nose, right?), and maybe a couple of those cool tricks you taught her too!

DogStory Sessions are more about how you spend your time together, and less about what you are wearing and how nice your hair looks! (Although you can glam it up if you want to! It’s your sesh!)

What Exactly is a Story?

A DogStory can be thought of as an activity, adventure, location, or routine that you share with your dog.

For example: are you homebodies? Do you have a beautiful home with lots of window light? Do you love watching Netflix together whilst feeding your dog popcorn? Do you cuddle together in the family bed? Do you enjoy reading a good book on the patio, while your pup naps in the sun? Does your dog constantly lick your face while you are trying to do sit-ups or yoga on the living room floor? A great story for you and your pet may be “the story of home”.

Depending on which DogStory session package you choose, we may be able to tell several stories in one day, and many sessions include locations outside of Calgary! OMG, YES, we could totally go to the mountains! (We would discuss which options are feasible in the time frame available.)

And don’t worry, we will take the time to get some of the classic, yummy portraits that BrindleBerry is famous for too! You really can have it all!

There are literally dozens of stories your dog wants to tell the world. Here are some more ideas for stories that might be a big deal to your doggo (not including that super rad story where he peed all over the most expensive item in the pet store that one time and you had to buy it for him):


  • hanging at home
  • trials and tribulations of puppyhood
  • family hikes in the mountains
  • a trip to the grandparent’s farm
  • ice cream at the local ice cream shop
  • a coffee with friends on the patio at your favourite coffee shop
  • a backyard BBQ with dad
  • showing off their agility skills
  • a picnic in the park with you
  • achieving one (or more!) of their bucket list goals
  • a beer with mom and dad on a restaurant patio
  • a visit to their favourite vet (with your vet’s permission of course!)
  • telling stories around the campfire as a family
  • taking a boat ride in the summertime
  • a visit to the pet store
  • surprising a special someone with a wedding proposal
  • baking dog cookies with mom
  • fishing with dad
  • celebrating a birthday with their very own doggie birthday party
  • their last hours with you before earning their wings
  • swimming in the lake at the family cottage
  • competing in the show ring
  • walking you down the isle on your wedding day
  • a visit to a dog-friendly festival

You Will Not Regret It!

“We recently had our photo session with Holly for our two dogs. We met at Fish Creek park at the southwest end of the city. The setting was beautiful and it was a particularly awesome, autumn location. Holly made us feel relaxed even though we arrived late and were stressed out from the drive. It’s truly incredible how well she works with both the dogs and their human counterparts! Stop what you’re doing and book Holly now! I’m serious, you will not regret it.”

– Wayne, Tara, Mojo & Oscar


I like simple, so I am not going to get too fussy about things like how many pets and people are in your household, or exactly how long the session will be. I will however, give you some guidelines so you know what to expect, and so your session is uber successful. If your request is not feasible with your chosen session, I promise to tell you!

The Short Story

Available on select weekdays!

The ShortStory Session is like a short story in that it has a lot of impact in a shorter amount of time! However, make no mistake – I am not cutting any corners! You’ll walk away with your DogStory beautifully told through breathtaking images that you’ll cherish always!

  • One Story (prepare to spend about an hour)
  • (10) Digital Images (printable to 8×12″) for your own personal use*
  • (5) Additional Digital Images OR (1) 12x18″ Canvas or Heritage Wood Print
  • (1) Smartphone Gallery App containing ALL ordered images
  • Travel within Calgary or Okotoks city limits**
  • A DogStory Feature on

With a BrindleBerry on Top: You can also order any extra BrindleBerry goodies for your walls or desk at 10% off! 

*Personal Brand or Small Business usage can be added for an additional fee. **Travel outside of Calgary .75 cents/km.


The Novel – Best Seller!

Only TEN available in 2018!

Like a best selling novel, the Novel Session  is packed with lovable characters (that’s you guys!); emotion; and inevitably, some laughter and happy tears too. Your story will pique when your beautiful, BrindleBerry signature artwork is presented to you at the end of our experience together, enabling you to relive your DogStory over and over again for years to come.

  • Up to Two Stories (prepare to spend 2-3 hours)
  • (40) Digital Images for your own personal use*
  • (1) 16×24″ StoryBoard Canvas or Heritage Wood Print (OR wall art credit)
  • (1) 10×10″ Custom StoryBook Album containing ALL ordered images
  • (1) Smartphone Gallery App containing ALL ordered images
  • Travel up to 50 KMs outside of Calgary city limits** (e.g. Strathmore/Cochrane)
  • A DogStory Feature on

With a BrindleBerry on Top: You can also order any extra BrindleBerry goodies for your walls or desk at 20% off! 

*Personal Brand or Small Business usage can be added for an additional fee. **Travel outside of 50 KM range .75 cents/km.


The Trilogy

Only TWO available in 2018!

The Trilogy Session is the combination of up to three carefully crafted stories – tied together for the ultimate DogStory experience! This session is designed for families that have many “tails” to tell, and that covet all the the most sought after BrindleBerry signature products.

I could be your DogStoryteller and document a “day in the life”, OR how fun would it be to capture a handful of your dog’s bucket list experiences in a stunning StoryBook Album that you can treasure forever?

  • Up to Three Stories (prepare to spend 3-4 hours, depending on travel times)
  • (80) Digital Images for your own personal use*
  • (1) 20×30″ + (2) 20x20″ Canvas or Heritage Wood Wall Gallery (OR wall art credit)
  • (1) 12×12″ Custom StoryBook Album containing ALL ordered images
  • (1) 5x7″ Acrylic StoryBlock
  • (1) Smartphone Gallery App containing ALL ordered images
  • Travel up to 100 KMs outside of Calgary city limits (e.g. Canmore)
  • A DogStory Feature on

With a BrindleBerry on Top: You can also order any extra BrindleBerry goodies for your walls or desk at 30% off! 

*Personal Brand or Small Business usage can be added for an additional fee.


My Canvas & Album will be a Great Reminder!

“The pictures are incredible! I have had so many compliments on the photos. Having my canvas and album will be a great reminder of Jake now and always. I will definitely contract Holly in the future and recommend her to anyone who wants exceptional pet photographs taken.”

-Theresa & Jake


I do too! When you book your DogStory Session, GRAB A BONUS custom BrindleBerry Box full of some of my favourite healthy and enriching doggie goodies for participating in my prestigious, growing stock library! Ask me for details!

*10% of profits on all royalty free stock sales is donated to local charities!*

Preserve the Love.

“Holly, thank you for helping me to capture and preserve the love that Lupita and I share. Knowing that she won’t be with me for the next 10-15 years really hurts, but at least I can look back on these photos to put a smile on my face. Thank you!”

– Jennifer & Lupita


If you are considering booking a DogStory session, don’t wait too long. I only have a limited number of sessions available in 2018! Once they are booked, they won’t be available again until spring of 2019.

Also, dogs are silly creatures that have a tendency of leaving our lives way too soon, and when we least expect it! Dogs don’t really care about photos, so they totally won’t be thinking about them when they are ready to say goodbye. We’d be smart to capture your DogStories now while your dog is still a little cray-cray!

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