This is us!

Kingsley, Holly, Pebbles, Ron and Grizz - Photograph ©Dog Breath Photography

© Dog Breath Photography


I am a pet health food store owner, a professional dog photographer, a home-bodied introvert, an author and blogger, and dog mom to 3 gorgeous fur-beasts! I have a passion for conscientious businesses and brands and consider myself to be a serial petpreneur! I do my best to always be learning a better way to help my dogs navigate their way through the world and lead better lives. We as dog parents are completely responsible for carving out our dogs’ entire lives for them! Let’s make it a good one for them!


Every photographer has that significant other, friend, or family member that lends a hand when we quite literally need a hand to hold a spoon for that yummy dessert photo, or throw a ball for that great action shot of our dog catching it in mid air. For me, that’s my husband Ron! He’s usually just fine to help out as long as he gets time to golf, play darts, and tend to his gardening! Mental note: Ron needs a proper photo! I mean, who has an illustration of their husband, but no photos???


Grizz is the oldest of the bunch and he is head of perimeter security here at the BrindleBerry Acres. Grizz ensures that everything in the home and on the property is copacetic, and he’s also incredibly smart. Grizz also loves to play tug with his sister Pebbles and prefers to fetch a flying disc over a ball. One thing you will not find Grizz doing is walking on hardwood. WELL… maybe for a treat!


Kingsley loves fetch and scratches. I am not sure which one he loves more! Kingsley is the most well rounded of the crew as he is great at detecting an intruder skunk, AND is an incredible athlete! He’s very easy going, and he LOVES to model hats. YUP, hats! What you will NOT find Kingsley doing is sleeping on the bed – no way – TOO HOT up there.  


What can we say about Pebbles? She’s up for anything FUN! She loves people, and playing. She loves toys – especially ones that squeak! Her favourite place to sleep is beside mom, under the covers. Pebbles is an incredible suPAWmodel – she prefers modelling to all of the aforementioned activities! What you will not find Pebbles doing is fetching – I mean once in a blue moon, but it really just is a silly activity isn’t it?