Black dogs tend to have a lot of negative stereotypes associated with them. Many people view black dogs as more frightening and scary. I personally have had people cross to the other side of the road when they see me coming with my black dog, Dante. I have also had numerous people ask me if he’s mean, without knowing a thing about him!

Of course, these stereotypes are untrue, and it can be hurtful to hear these things about your beloved pet! Black dogs are just as beautiful as pets of any other colour! I decided to set out and prove it!

I rounded up 14 very special, and unique, black dogs and photographed them on a black background. The goal: to highlight who these incredible canines are on the INSIDE. And, to show people just how gorgeous black dogs are on the outside too!

These photographs also emphasize that black dogs are NOT all the same! They come in all shapes and sizes. Some coats are curly, some long, and some short. Some are shy, some outgoing, and some are crazy! Some are purebreds, and some are mixed breeds. Some are young, and some are old. Some are boys, and some are GIRLS (not all black dogs are boys!) They are ALL UNIQUE!

I asked the pet parents of these dogs to tell me how their dogs would describe themselves if they could talk… This is what they said:











Please share these babies with the tag #blackisberrybeautiful ! Let’s show black dogs “in a good light”, pardon the pun! Please note: these dogs are not adoptables. They all have loving homes.

If you have a beautiful black pet, and are having trouble getting a good photograph, send me an email! Tell me about them in the comments below and what you LOVE about your black pet!


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