Fall of 2018 was one of the busiest months on the books, and part of that was because of all the travel I was lucky enough to have done for my work! For Autumn and Echo’s session, I found myself in beautiful Victoria, BC! I had been to Victoria before, but my visit was more as a tourist, and this time I was lucky enough to have locals Susan and Stephen (Autumn and Echo’s people) at the wheel showing me the less touristy areas. It was like Victoria was a city woven throughout wilderness. 

When we drove down the driveway toward Susan and Stephen’s residence, it felt more like I was in a fairytale than in someone’s actual yard! WOW doesn’t even begin to describe the beautiful foliage that surrounded us.  You could really tell that Susan and Stephen put their heart, blood, sweat and tears into that yard and created something utterly magical! I was in awe! 

As I got out of the vehicle, I was greeted by Autumn and Echo – two beautiful Silken Windhounds. I was told by Emma, Susan and Stephen’s daughter, that Echo was a little bit shy of new people so I was sure to bring lots of goodies with me to win him over! And it worked! The pair were very welcoming and accepting of my treats and proceeded to show me around their yard. Since this family pretty much lived in my dream yard, I couldn’t help bombarding Susan and Stephen with questions about how they put together such a paradise. I hope they didn’t mind. 

After our tour, it was time to get down to business! I got my gear ready and with Emma’s help got to shooting. I was really spoiled with location choices as there was beauty at every turn. In fact, if it had not been for a light drizzle and a setting sun, I could have photographed this family forever! 

Susan and Stephen memorialized their session with a beautiful StoryBook Album, and a large canvas piece for the wall. Emma nabbed one of my gorgeous new album blocks – more on those and lots of other new products coming soon! 

I had such an amazing time with Emma, Susan, Stephen, Autumn and Echo. It was such a great visit and trip to Victoria! I need to head back there very soon! 

If you are a pet parent in Calgary or beyond and are looking for some beautiful artwork to show off your pets, give me a shout! I will be on hiatus until March of 2019, but would love to work with you in the spring!