Albus’ 2018 DogStory Session

I am so honoured to finally be telling Albus’ DogStory! I am trying to do some math – between the model calls and sessions I’ve been commissioned for and I think I have photographed Albus four times! Each time is more fun because Albus has a shy nature and he opens himself up a little more each time we meet as we build trust and grow our friendship!

Albus’ Litter – Photo Provided by Emma

A “meet cute”! Let’s go back to the beginning…

Albus was carefully selected for Emma and Richard based on some very specific criteria put forth by his breeder! She asked Emma and Rich lots of questions about their lifestyle in order to match each dog with the perfect parents! (This is the type of thing good breeders do! Pebbles was chosen for us too!)

Albus’ Assignment Photo – Photo Provided by Emma

When the litter reached 8 weeks of age, the expecting parents got a special photo sent to them announcing which pup would become their baby! Emma and Richard were not surprised when their pup was revealed as Albus because somewhere deep down, they already knew he’d be theirs! All the questions and matchmaking in the world are no match for fate!

Albus and Jaffa – Albus’ 2015 Photo Session

Albus meets his new BFF!

Speaking of fate, when Albus was old enough to visit the park, destiny intervened again when he met his best friend, Jaffa. What are the odds of this, but Jaffa was also a doodle AND nearly the same age! The families made a pact to visit the park every day at the same time, and walk together, and they still do – four years later! Dogs have the coolest way of bringing people together, don’t they?

Jaffa lives just up the street from Albus, which is really convenient for everyone when either family needs a sitter! Sleepover central! How amazing is that?

Albus’ 2018 DogStory Session

Fast forward to today.

Albus and his people enjoy spending their time off together taking long walks and when time permits they visit the family cabin just west of Calgary. Albus has all kinds of sights and smells to explore among the trees and prairies at the cabin. And sometimes when he’s really good or has something special to celebrate (like a photo session!) everyone indulges on ice cream!

Albus’ 2018 DogStory Session

They also pass the time working on Albus’ impressive arsenal of tricks! Albus is the only dog I have met that can head tilt on command! What a handy skill! He also knows the names of all his toys, and enjoys agility!

Albus’ 2017 Photo Session

Albus’ faves

When I asked Albus what is the one thing he can’t live without, he said his parents! His favourite thing is when everyone is home, and they can all just hang out together and catch up!

Albus’ 2018 DogStory Session

Next to mom, Albus is obsessed with his favourite red Jolly ball! In fact, it makes him so crazy that his parents hide it in the closet, and have to limit his time with it to short sessions! It makes him so happy, that when he’s ready to play with it he’ll stand outside the closet and stare at the door until his “precious” is revealed to him!

Albus’ 2018 DogStory Session

Next up for Albus

Albus and his family are hoping to take a tracking class someday soon! Albus enjoys finding his felt octopus hidden around the house, and is hoping for something a little more challenging to work on! I know you will rock at tracking Albus!

I would like to take this moment to thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and for checking out my very first DogStory! I would also like to thank Albus, Emma, and Rich for being the most loyal and supportive clients. I’ve had so much fun working with you all and getting to know you. You are so appreciative of my work – it is a great boost for my artist’s frail ego! I look forward to next year’s DogStory!

If you’d like to book your very own DogStory session, give me a shout! I have a few sessions left in August, 2 in September, and a few left in October! Then, when the snow flies, so do these sessions – until next spring!

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