Interactive Dog Friendly Patio Map:

Calgary’s about to get a WHOLE LOT more dog friendly!! I remember just a few years back, we had only one or two dog friendly patios to choose from in Calgary. Now we have literally dozens! It doesn’t matter where you live in Calgary, there is a dog friendly patio not too far from you! What a great way to spend some time outside with ALL your best friends! 

Patio Etiquette

Dog friendly patios are a luxury! It’s one of those privileges that we could easily lose if we don’t all follow the rules! You know, that whole “one bad apple” thing? Don’t let that be you! If your favourite patio is designated “dog friendly” that means they’ve paid for a special licence through Alberta Health Services to allow your pup to hang out while you eat. 

Although each patio has its own rules and regs, most are fairly simple and straightforward. If your dog makes a mess, clean it up! Keep your dog on leash and close to you at all times – respecting the space of others on the patio. And since most doggos have dirty feet, they are likely not allowed on the furniture. 

Some patios require that dogs are vaccinated, so you’ll need to make an inquiry to your favourite establishment to find out their rules. And finally, if your pup is not people or dog friendly, please leave them at home. They won’t enjoy their patio experience as much as you will! 

Italian Greyhound Dog on Patio

Photo: Deposit Photos

Dog Friendly Menus

Many dog friendly establishments go all out for Fido! Many have created special menus or menu items for the pups. Some even have comfy dog beds. Although there are just too many Starbucks to list on the map above, many have dog friendly patios, and most locations have “Puppuccinos” you can order for your pup (which I am pretty sure are just whipped cream, but dogs love them!). 

REX in the City

My sister site,, is Calgary’s very best dog directory and you can search for the patio nearest you, and learn a little bit more about each business while you’re there. REX is also a fantastic resource for finding reward based dog trainers, off leash dog parks (both public and private), local rescues and more! Check it out today and let me know if I missed your favourite dog friendly patio in the comments!