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Because your pup is your everything!
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Studio & on location pet photography serving Calgary & surrounding areas

You’re a dog mom or dad, so you understand that your dog is part of your family. You feel love, pride, and devotion to them, and you’ll do anything in your power to make their lives better. You share your home, your time, and sometimes your food with them (admit it, sometimes you let them lick your spoon and you totally put it back in your mouth!). They’re your constant companion in life no matter how long it’s been since you washed your hair, and even if they lived 50 years or more, it would still not be enough time spent with them. If this sounds like you, you have found your happy place here at BrindleBerry!

I am Holly and I have been photographing pets exclusively in Calgary for over a decade because animals, especially dogs, are my whole world! If I am honest, beloved pets are truly the ONLY thing I will lift my lens for! For that reason over the years I’ve developed a few pet photography superpowers like getting wiggly dogs to stay still – even if only for 1/1000 of a second! I am great at befriending doggie introverts because I am an introvert myself and find most situations entirely too “peopley“. However, my biggest most amazing superpower is making people feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves in front of my camera! (not bad for an introvert, hey?)

I specialize in creating beautiful works of art featuring your furry loved ones and believe me when I tell you’ll be so thrilled with your images, you’ll WANT to splash them all over your home and office! (cue seriously jealous dog friends!) 

Holly, thank you for helping me to capture and preserve the love that Lupita and I share. Knowing that she won’t be with me for the next 10-15 years really hurts but at least I can look back on these photos to put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Jennifer & Lupita

Holly, you are such a kind and beautiful person with a soul of pure gold. Thank you!

Kaylee & Tia

Holly made us feel relaxed even though we arrived late and were stressed out from the drive. It’s truly incredible how well she works with both the dogs and their human counterparts! Her pictures are nothing short of breathtaking, and cause you to become instantly emotional. Stop what you’re doing and book Holly now! I’m serious, you will not regret it.

Wayne, Tara, Mojo & Oscar

The BrindleBerry Experience


Because your pup is your everything!

Your dog won’t stay still, you say?

Not a problem! We almost always use leashes AND a little Photoshop magic! Safety first!

Basset Hound BEFORE Basset Hound AFTER

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