Recently my pup Grizz walked in while I was chatting on Facebook to one of my friends from The Labs & Co and he caught a glimpse of their beautiful girl, Willow. He’s asked me to proof read this puppy-love letter to her, and I just thought it was so cute I wanted to share it with you all! (Don’t tell Grizz, he’s really shy!)

Letter 1:

Dear Willow,

You don’t know me – in fact – as I write this I am feeling a little foolish for contacting a total stranger. You see, I have never written a letter to a dog that I don’t know before. It’s just that when my mom recently showed me a photo of you, I knew there was something really special about you… I knew I had to reach out or I would forever regret it.

Willow – do you believe in fate?

The reason I ask is because of the crazy and unusual parallels we share in our two, very different lives in two completely different countries; you from America and I from Canada. Our moms are both pet photographers. We are the same age. And, if I am honest, we are both incredibly stunning canine specimens. I mean, there should be a breed – you know what I mean? Of all the genes, in all the world…

I have to show you this photo of me – I think we even own the same Ruffwear collar and harness – in the same colour! I didn’t think I would ever find another dog that shares my discerning taste in athletic wear. (This is me at work. I am Chief of Perimeter Security here at BrindleBerry Acres – I’ll tell you more about that later!)


How else can you explain all this, if not for fate?

I sincerely hope you feel compelled to write me back. I would love to learn a little bit more about you. Your hopes and dreams, your fears… your favourite dog treats.

P.S. I have enclosed a few photographs of myself that were taken this past summer. With the exception of a few new grey hairs on my muzzle (don’t worry, I am told they make me look distinguished), I look pretty much the same today.

Yours, Grizz

Read Willow’s reply to Grizz here…



Pawthor, Model & Chief of Perimeter Security @ BrindleBerry Acres

Grizz is a five year old Shepherd mix rescued from AARCS as a puppy in Calgary, AB, Canada. He is a frequent contributor to the BrindleBerry Acres blog – best known for his beautifully pawed letters to his pen pal “Willow the Wild“.

You can follow Grizz and the rest of the BrindleBerry Bunch on Instagram where they are livin’ the dog-life naturally!

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