Grizz was so excited – hopping and skipping around the house when he got his first response back from Willow last week! Since I don’t have as much extra time as Grizz, and he kind of relies on me to publish his letters, we decided we would publish his Dear Willow | Dear Grizz letters on Thursdays (with this week being an exception), and Willow’s Dear Grizz | Dear Willow responses on Mondays! So, make sure you watch for them on Facebook, and Instagram! If you’ve just joined us, go back to the beginning and follow Willow and Grizz’s letters in chronological order.

Letter 2:

Dear Willow,

I am so happy you decided to write me back. I really loved learning more about you and your family. Personally, I like to follow the rules so I don’t curse much myself, but my mom has a “potty mouth” which I think is the same thing as a “sailor mouth”. So, since I am used to it, I won’t get offended if you are “undignified”!

I know my mom likes to be at home, and she says that’s because she’s pretty introverted. I think I am probably one too, because I am really happy just sitting in my big purple chair on my front deck and watching out for cars and other animals. I am ok if people and dogs come to visit, but I am happy when they leave again and I can get back to my regular routine. Do you prefer to be alone too? Or do you have social activities you enjoy as well?


I think you look really, really cute in your harness.

I hope it’s ok to say that. My mom co-owns a Health Food Store for Pets in Calgary, so we have lots of different outfits from the store that we wear. I have boots from Pawsh Pads to keep my feet warm, and a few different harnesses from Ruffwear (this is the one I am wearing in these photos). I had mom photograph me in some of them to show you. I may have been showing off a little in these photos. <blush>

Here in Canada we DO get a lot of snow. We have something really neat called “Chinooks” that we just get in the area I live in. Chinooks are warm winds that come down from the mountains and can change the weather from -20 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius in a matter of hours (that’s -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 59 degrees Fahrenheit since you are in the USA)! It causes a lot of people (and dogs) to get headaches. They are even called “Chinook Headaches”. Then all the snow melts and it’s just mucky. This weekend we had a lot of snow as you can see in my photos. In the photo below, I am hunting mice in the snow which is one of my favourite things to do! I catch them and my sister, Pebbles, eats them! GROSS – I will tell you more about her later – she’s a nut.


You should totally come down to Canada and we could go to Banff National Park, which is a great hiking spot with lots of mountains only a few hours from my place. I have never been there because I really hate riding in the car. But, maybe I could work on that if you came to see me and I could take you. Do you have beaches in California? I have never been to the water. I think I would really love that – swimming seems fun. Tell me more about the wild places you visit!

I did know my siblings briefly. When I was a baby, my mom and dad fostered two of my sisters, and me. So, I got to know them pretty well. We were only 5 weeks old when AARCS (the rescue that brought us to Calgary) found us, and they couldn’t find my mom. We were really scared, but at least we had each other. My humom shared photos of us on the Internet through AARCS and everyone got adopted. Someone wanted to adopt me, and then my mom said she couldn’t let me go. She made that lady really mad, but I am glad she let me stay at BrindleBerry Acres. I love my home and that’s why I guard it so fiercely.

I have never been to a shelter. Was it scary there? How did your mom find you there? Were there other dogs there too? How old were you when your mom found you? I am so glad she found you. I would not have met you if she didn’t.

My favourite thing to do on a Sunday… Hmm… Well today is Sunday, so I would say my favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to write to you. I can’t wait to get your reply.

P.S. Oh hey, do you have a dark stripe down your back? I was just curious if we had that in common too… I was going to share a photo but I don’t have one. I can get one to show you next time if you like!

Yours, Grizz

If I am lucky, you will see a link to Willow’s response here on Monday, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram!



Pawthor, Model & Chief of Perimeter Security @ BrindleBerry Acres

Grizz is a five year old Shepherd mix rescued from AARCS as a puppy in Calgary, AB, Canada. He is a frequent contributor to the BrindleBerry Acres blog – best known for his beautifully pawed letters to his pen pal “Willow the Wild“.

You can follow Grizz and the rest of the BrindleBerry Bunch on Instagram where they are livin’ the dog-life naturally!

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