Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two dogs met online and formed an unlikely friendship?

From the very first time Grizz saw a photo of Willow posted on The Labs & Co.‘s Facebook Page, he knew he had to reach out to her and and get to know her and they quickly became dog pen pals. If you’ve just joined us, go back to the beginning and follow Willow and Grizz’s letters in chronological order.


Letter 3:

Dear Willow,

I got your letter a few days ago, and wow – I learned so much about you. For instance, I didn’t know that dogs could blush! Does our cheek fur turn red? LOL. I have never looked in a mirror while I was embarrassed. I bet you looked really adorable. (Now I am pretty sure I am blushing.)

Even though we have so many similarities, our lives are also very different. I have a really big yard and house, but I don’t go out exploring other places because there is so much to do here. I think maybe there are pros and cons to both. I think I might like to get over my fear of car rides so I can see new places too. You make it look really fun! I am going to try some of your tips and see how it goes. I don’t know what would make me feel safer. I think maybe trying to be in there when the car isn’t moving, or just taking a few shorter trips. When the car moves it’s just so scary.

Poppy sounds like a really good friend. It sounds like you take good care of each other too. I don’t really have any friends. I play mostly with my sister Pebbles so I guess she’s my friend and my sister. Pebbles plays a stair game too! I will see if my mom can catch it on video. She plays fetch by herself. It’s so funny, and silly. If it wasn’t so silly, I would do it too but I don’t do silly.


Kingsley is my brother and he’s super insane cray cray for fetching. He loves fetching more than anything in the world. And he’s so weird because he loves one particular kind of ball the best. He won’t even fetch other balls. Mom and dad use a chuck it launcher so they can get the ball as far away from him as they can so he gets a longer run. We have to be careful he doesn’t overdo it and he takes supplements for his joints to make sure they are really healthy.


The beach sounds soooo fun! I want to see those water lions! I would bark SO MUCH at them. Especially if they were dancing and surfing! I don’t know if I would be a good swimmer. I guess you don’t know until you try, right? We DO have sand here though. My mom bought us this BIG tire and filled it with sand so we could dig in it. She calls it a sand box, but I don’t know why because tires aren’t boxes. This is a photo of our tire, but that’s NOT me. That is our foster pup, Smokey from last summer!


Purple is my mom’s favourite colour too. That purple chair… She bought it for her photo sessions. She always buys furniture for photos then has no place to put it when they are over, so she puts it on our front deck for us to sleep on. We have a red loveseat and a purple chair. So, it’s very comfortable to hang around on the front porch.

My mom and gramma both own the health food store for pets together! So, healthy food is a big thing in our house. My mom is really, really picky about what we eat. Most of the food we eat is raw food and all different kinds. I don’t really have a favourite, but one thing I do really love is cooked chicken. When my dad makes us bone broth, I wait for him to pull off pieces of chicken for us. Then the whole family eats the bone broth. It’s really good and mom says it’s really good for us too. Have you ever had bone broth?

If you come to visit, I can take you to the store and you can pick out any present you want- ON ME! I can show you which treats are my favourite. They are freeze-dried meat treats and they come in so many flavours. DROOL. They melt on my tongue (when I don’t swallow them whole).


Is your brother Corbin getting older? When I came to BrindleBerry Acres, there were three other dogs that already lived here. They were all much older than me. My sister Brindel, and my brother, Porter both had something called DM. Their legs stopped working. Brindel even had a wheelchair. Getting old is tough. Mom said they went to heaven, and now they can run again. Mom also says I am lucky because I am the only dog that got to meet all the dogs. Brindel, Porter, Dante, Kingsley and Pebbles. I was the youngest and now I am the oldest. I miss them some days, but I think my younger siblings like me better than the older ones did. Probably because we are much closer in age. Anyway…

I love your patches! How cool is that? I would love if you sent me one someday. I didn’t even know you could get patches for harnesses. My boots are great! I am not sure how good they would be outside of the snow though. I think they are kind of warm but they stay on really well! We have ordered a new pair for Pebbles that are high up too – I’ll let you know how she likes them when they arrive!

I love your rescue story… you know what the best part was? The part about your mom giving you a temporary home and then you stayed with her. The same as with my story. Some people call that a foster failure, but my mom doesn’t like that term. She likes it better when people say it’s a success because it’s a win, not a loss.

I have caught gophers too! Only in the summer though. I think Pebbles sticks her head deeper in the snow than I do. She’s a gross dog though – she’s looking for Poopcicles. I mean, I did that when I was a baby but I grew out of it. EWE.

BrindleBerry Acres… well it used to be a pasture for our neighbours’ horses, so we are the very first family to live here. That meant that my mom and dad had to “tame” everything. They plant a few new trees every year so we can get some shade out here. We have cherry, apple, plum, and pear trees, but they are just babies so no fruit from them yet. We also have lots of honeyberry bushes, raspberries and strawberries. We don’t have brindleberries though! I think they are a real thing, but mom named the acreage after her first dog, Brindel so that’s how she got the name. Do you like fruit? I don’t really like it. I prefer chicken, or pizza crust!

We have horses in the yard next to us, and a field that always has deer and coyotes. And, one year we had moose too. They actually came in the yard! Today we had coyotes right beside the fence and we barked to tell mom, and then they ran away. A few nights ago Kingsley scared away a skunk! And, we also have the neighbours’ cat visit – but she’s not invited so that makes me super mad when she comes here.

My mom says I am going on and on, so I should go for today. Your baby photo is so adorable. I will see if my mom can find one of mine. AND here is my black stripe photo! My fur colour is really funny right now cause I am shedding. I am overdue for a grooming but you know I have to ride in the car to get to the groomer so I really don’t want to go.


P.S. Could you have your mom give my mom your address? For no particular reason, just thought she should have it for maybe… emergencies? Your mom can PM my mom…

P.S.S. I can’t wait to hear your Sunday story!

If I am lucky, you will see a link to Willow’s response here next Monday! Until then, feel free to follow her @willowthewildandco and Grizz @thebrindleberrybunch on Instagram!

Your friend, Grizz

Read Willow’s reply to Grizz here next Monday…



Pawthor, Model & Chief of Perimeter Security @ BrindleBerry Acres

Grizz is a five year old Shepherd mix rescued from AARCS as a puppy in Calgary, AB, Canada. He is a frequent contributor to the BrindleBerry Acres blog – best known for his beautifully pawed letters to his pen pal “Willow the Wild“.

You can follow Grizz and the rest of the BrindleBerry Bunch on Instagram where they are livin’ the dog-life naturally!

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