Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two dogs met online and formed an unlikely friendship?

From the very first time Grizz saw a photo of Willow posted on The Labs & Co.‘s Facebook Page, he knew he had to reach out to her and and get to know her and they quickly became dog pen pals. If you’ve just joined us, go back to the beginning and follow Willow and Grizz’s letters in chronological order.


Letter 4:

Dear Willow,

Happy Spring! Thank you for your last letter! I can’t believe you already have flowers, and bees! We have none of that here in Calgary yet. The snow has all melted, but it’s still very brown, and wet and pretty icky actually. I think spring might be late this year. I wish I was there to smell YOUR spring too! Here, spring smells a lot like a winter full of poop that was hiding under the snow. EWE!

Yeah Pebbles was bopping me in that photo. Mom calls that the “Imma-bop-your-head” manoeuvre. She does that a lot cause she’s a Boxer. Get it? She is 2 years old this summer and I am 6 this winter, so she’s quite a bit younger than me. Most of the time she’s fun – but sometimes she doesn’t know when to quit. I have to tell her off sometimes to get her to settle down. What’s it like being the youngest in your family?

The joint supplement that Kingsley is on is called Jump for JOYnts. I am not sure it’s available outside of Canada yet, but if you are looking for a good one that I know is from the USA (my mom sells it in her store, so she knows!) you can try Vet’s Best Hip and Joint tablets. Mom says it’s a really good one because it has a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients, and those ingredients work well together to reduce pain and inflammation. Don’t I sound fancy and smart? I don’t take them right now – but mom says I should.

Smokey did look a lot like me! (see photo below of her in the sandbox) Mom said that’s why she fostered her. We thought about inviting her to stay here forever, but the perfect family came for her so mom said we did a good job helping her come out of her shell for her new family (she was super shy). She’s really happy now, and so are we so it worked out for the best!

I DO have baby photos (that’s me in the middle in the basket and the other two are my sisters Honey and Winnie – all named after bears!)! And yes, my ears were floppy. Mom had no idea they were going to balloon like they did! (she says she’s very happy they did cause they are my cutest trait!) I would love to see yours if you have any!


That scenting class sounds fun! Do you think it would be a lot like smelling mice at my place? Cause they are usually in tubes, or under grass or branches. When I find them I hop on them and mom says I look like a fox. I don’t air scent, I usually have my nose to the ground, but my big brother Dante used to do that when he was alive. He didn’t even look like he was doing anything but then he would find things.

A lot of the raw foods we eat are local and probably not sold in the USA like Carnivora and Artisan. BUT we do have a few of the ones you mentioned and I love them too! My mom sells the Primal and also Nature’s Variety which are both from the USA. I love that Primal goat’s milk as well! Did you know goat’s milk is supposed to be easier for dogs to digest than cow’s milk? #truestory

I chew bones all the time, but no photo. I do however have lots of photos of Kingsley eating bones! We chew them in the yard, and the magpies come and try and steal them. Kingsley spends the whole time trying to scare them away, and by the time he starts chewing we are already done. Like a magpie could carry a bone! Do you have magpies where you live? They are super annoying. They even try to make barking sounds at us. As if!


We also eat Honest Kitchen, and have been eating a lot of it lately. Sometimes, when a food doesn’t sell or there is mistake ordering and we have too many, we eat it so it doesn’t go bad. We are used to eating a lot of different foods. Mom accidentally ordered way too many of the Honest Kitchen KEEN variety, so Kingsley and I have been eating it for months. Sometimes mom makes it with that broth that we talked about and it’s extra yummy! Have you ever tried making Honest Kitchen with broth? I highly recommend it!

We also tried a homemade food called Cocos Canine Cuisine last week. You add your own meat and cook it – we thought that one was really tasty! I licked my bowl for like 5 extra minutes and I even walked on the hardwood to get to it. (I HATE hardwood!)

That store sounds a lot like my mom’s store! I bet it’s amazing! Good food can be pricey. Mom always says that. But it can often save money on other things like the vet, so sometimes it’s evens out. (At least that’s what she says. Man she talks a lot about this stuff to me!)

We have had turmeric paste before. We don’t eat it a lot cause Kingsley is fussy and he doesn’t like it. Man I can see how he got his name – but he’s almost more like a prince. So delicate and fancy. I am kidding. He’s alright.

So guess what!? I told my mom about how you don’t like strangers very much, and she said that she has a key to the store, and we can go AFTER HOURS! That means that the only one in the store, would be us! AND she said that you could meet her first if you want, and make sure she’s safe. I can tell you though, she’s pretty safe but she does have a loud laugh. Usually if dogs are worried about people, she just gives them space and doesn’t talk to them too much until they are ready and come over. Then, they get treats! I have to tell you a secret about the store that I haven’t told anyone… I am really scared of the floor there. It’s so slippery! But, usually I will eventually walk on it if there are treats. So, we can go in together.

We have treats that are a lot like Zukes Mini Naturals, and they are called Cloud Star Tricky Trainers! They are yummy I can see why you like them! My mom stuffs Kongs too and freezes them! Have you heard of the Westpaw TUX Treat toy? She stuffs those as well. YUMMY!

I do like a lot of toys… When I am in the yard, I like anything I can hold in my mouth and run with. If Pebbles wants to play tug, I like the toys that are longer so we both have something to grab onto. If I am fetching, it’s gotta be a flying disc, and this one by Westpaw is my favourite! We even tug with it sometimes. SHHH, don’t tell mom! They are strong, but sometimes we rip them! I am ok to play alone, or with others.

How about you? What is your favourite game with Corbin since he has to be careful? Maybe just naps? I can understand what you are going through with him – I know he means a lot to you. Just be there for him when he needs a friend. I think that’s the very best thing you can do for a friend.

In the house, we have a lot of food dispensing toys. Have you ever heard of a snuffle mat? Mom is ordering us one, and also she ordered us three of these cool Wobble ball by P.L.A.Y. OMG WILLOW! When mom showed me the video of this toy, I SWEAR that was you at the end of the video! You should check it out!

My nicknames: “Grizzard the Wizard”, “Grizzy Wizzy”, “Grizzard of Oz”, and “GRIZZ come here”! (When I am bad and fence chase other dogs).

The skunk story is really funny!! So, you remember I told you about that patio we hang out on? Well when mom isn’t in the yard to supervise us, we sit on the patio and mom puts up an x-pen so we stay safely on the deck. AND it’s a good thing too cause I am pretty sure that Kingsley WOULD have been skunked if he was in the yard running around! But instead he barked, and mom put us in the house and she chased after the skunk with a broom and she was still wearing her pajamas and slippers (IN THE SNOW!)! HAHA the skunk was not even scared! He turned around like he was a bear and just looked at her and she ran back in the house. SO FUNNY!

MMMM Pizza crust. I want some right now. We don’t get much either so I enjoy it when I can. Mom gives it to us cause she said “dog pizza crust chewing sounds” are adorable!! (hear for yourself in the video below!)

I guess I should run for now. It’s so nice out today I think I need some time “tanning” on the deck. But, I can’t wait to hear back from you. I just love your photos and love seeing where you are from and what you get up to! I wish they ALL could be California girls!

Your friend, Grizz

PS. Do you have anything you do to make your parents laugh when they are down? Something really adorable? I am not really a comic myself, but I can get a laugh or two sometimes!

If I am lucky, you will see a link to Willow’s response here next Monday! Until then, feel free to follow her @willowthewildandco and Grizz @thebrindleberrybunch on Instagram!

Read Willow’s reply to Grizz here next Monday…



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Grizz is a five year old Shepherd mix rescued from AARCS as a puppy in Calgary, AB, Canada. He is a frequent contributor to the BrindleBerry Acres blog – best known for his beautifully pawed letters to his pen pal “Willow the Wild“.

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